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Preparing For Your Procedure

Most patients at some point in time will undergo a dermatologic procedure, whether medical or cosmetic. It is normal to feel anxious, so follow these tips to help you be as prepared and relaxed as possible before and after your appointment:

Tip 1: Check your calendar

Notify Dr. Kim of any upcoming social or travel plans when booking your procedure appointment. In most cases, it is best to perform a procedure well in advance (1-2 weeks) of any important social engagements and when you are not traveling immediately afterwards. If you are already scheduled to have any other upcoming procedures or surgeries, it is important to let us know.

Tip 2: Comfort is key

Request to arrive early for topical numbing when you book your appointment. Bring a good book or your earphones and favorite music to help you relax while you wait. While most patients will be able to drive themselves to and from the office, please check with Dr. Kim regarding your particular procedure.

Tip 3: Prep your skin

Discontinue any exfoliating or drying products (including retinoids, retinols, salicylic or glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide) 3- 7 days prior to your procedure. Dr. Kim will let you know when it is appropriate to resume these products.

Tip 4: Medications and allergies

Take your regular daily medications and eat meals as usual on the day of your procedure, unless instructed otherwise. If you take anticoagulants (blood thinners) for a known cardiovascular condition, please continue to take them. Notify Dr. Kim prior to your appointment if you require antibiotic prophylaxis for artificial heart valves, artificial joints, or for any other reason. Disclose any sensitivities or true allergies to local anesthetics, latex, iodine, topical antibiotics, and adhesives.

Tip 5: Preventing infections

If you have a history of herpes simplex virus infections (“cold sores” or “fever blisters”), Dr. Kim will prescribe an oral anti- viral medication to take prior to your procedure. If you feel like you have a possible infection of any type, please notify Dr. Kim immediately. Your procedure may be postponed until it is safe to treat you.

Tip 6: Following through

Follow post- procedure and wound care instructions that are provided for your specific procedure. Please contact Dr. Kim if you have any questions or concerns regarding your healing course.